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Our History

Founded in Washington Heights in 1993, Ce Realty Corp has a rich history of providing dependable services to its clients. Starting out in a small commercial space near 153 Street & Broadway, the company started out renting apartments to those looking to avoid the premium prices in downtown Manhattan. Since then, Ce Realty Corp has grown to offer services that meet the array of needs of its clients. These services include:

  • Real Estate (Renting/Selling)

  • Tax Preparation Services

  • Immigration/ Legal Support

  • Translations/Administrative Support

Daniel E. Dominguez

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Our Philosophy

Every day at Ce Realty Corp, we try to continuously add value to the communities that we serve. With this being at heart of why we do what we do, our mission is to make our communities stronger and provide opportunities to those who need support no matter where they come from. While much has changed since 1993, one thing that can always be counted on is our dedication to our clients. 

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